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Call For Paper is Open for Vol.3 No.2 September 2018, Please submit paper Vol. 2 No. 1 - (March 2017)
SNo Paper Title Author Name Page No
1 Energy Efficient 10 Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller Bhagwan Das, M.F.L Abdullah, Bishwajeet Pandey, BS Chowdhry 1-9
2 Low Power Design of Video PHY Controller (2.0) for HDMI Protocol Using Unidirectional High Performance IO Standard Bhagwan Das, M.F.L Abdullah, Nisha Pandey 10-21
3 Performance Analysis of Video PHY Controller Using Unidirection and Bi-directional IO Standard via 7 Series FPGA Bhagwan Das, M.F.L Abdullah, DMA Hussain, Nisha Pandey, Gaurav Verma 22-30
4 Power Efficient Design of DisplayPort (7.0) Using Low-voltage differential signaling IO Standard Via UltraScale Field Programming Gate Arrays Bhagwan Das, M.F.L Abdullah, D M Akbar Hussain, Bishwajeet Pandey 31-42
5 VHDL Implementation of a Fast Division Algorithm Sumit Kumar, Mandeep Narula, Shivam Chauhan 43-48
6 GSM Based Design and Development of Smart Energy Meter Using EEPROM, LCD, and Microcontroller Tukur Gupta, Gaurav Verma, Vaibhav Karnail and Parth Pandey 49-57

Vol. 2 No. 2 - (September 2017)
SNo Paper Title Author Name Page No
1 Gi-Fi: A Revolution in Wireless Communications Maha Elnour Mekki Awoda, Aisha-Hassan A. Hashim, Mohammad Kamrul Hasan 1-8
2 Wrist Band Design using Low Power Virtex6 FPGA for Monitoring Blood Pressure Shivani Sharma 9-15
3 Environment Friendly Air Conditioner Design Using Cooling Pot and Solar Panel Ketan Sethi 16-20